Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Inatei Japanese Cuisine (9021 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

Salad that comes with my meal
I'm somewhat glad they didn't use the regular iceberg lettuce. The dressing tastes a bit like soya sauce paste.

Tempura ramen. It comes with a maki roll.
All of the maki roll options were in Japanese phonetics, so I randomly picked one and the waiter knew I was guessing. He verified with me that I wanted tuna, and I thought that was pretty considerate. I really enjoyed the tempura batter. It was very flaky, crispy, and still light in colour. The ramen noodles had a good bounce to them. The vegetables in the ramen were kind of whatever. I was surprised at how much food this meal was.

Green tea dessert that comes with my meal.
It's jiggly like gelatin, and there are some cold red beans at the bottom. It's not that sweet. I think it was a good way to end the meal.

Would I return? Yeah, the servers are pretty attentive and nice enough, and the lunch specials are pretty reasonably priced. Atmosphere is comfortable and the place is nicely decorated.

Total damage: $13.

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