Thursday, October 15, 2009

Patati Patata

Patati Patata (4177 boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal)

It's easy to miss this tiny place on the corner of St-Laurent and Rachel Street, but we walked the street a second time just to make sure we found it for dinner.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that this place is small. We were lucky to find a free table to sit at. I think there were two tables for two and some stools at the bar. It's actually pretty cool that the place is so tiny since right behind the bar, you can see the staff make the food without anything to hide. There was also a steady stream of people coming in after we sat down.
My poutine with bacon ($5):
I had the choice of bacon or beef, but bacon makes everything better. Crispy fries and bacon, squeaky curds, and great taste made this a great meal. The olive was a nice touch too. I felt that the price was so fair that I could order fancy mineral water ($2).

Sheila's tofu burger with salad and poutine:
The burger might look small, but the price matches its size. Though I don't remember exactly what they were, the sauce options for the salad sounded pretty interesting. One involved cilantro.

I really liked the atmosphere of this place. It was lively and fun. There were multicoloured Christmas lights lining the window, festive music, plenty of people, and two easily likeable staff members.

Total damage for my poutine and mineral water: $10.

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