Thursday, July 17, 2014


Bannock (401 Bay Street, Toronto)

Bannock: It's sort of fancy, it's part of the Oliver & Bonacini restaurants group, and it's connected to The Bay.

Went here for Summerlicious (and also the roast duck poutine pizza).

From the Summerlicious menu: Smoked salmon and salt-baked beets. Split and sweet pea hummus, grapefruit, grenadine.
Come to think of it, I don't remember grapefruit in there. Otherwise, pretty tasty. 

From the Summerlicious menu: Dredgeman's fish pie. Pacific cod, scallops, shrimp, crème fraîche, tarragon.
This was a bit heavy for my likings. Too much creaminess inside. The salad on the side was more arugula leaves over creamy sauce, both of which I could've done without.

Roast duck poutine pizza
This is the real reason that I wanted to go to Bannock. It sounds so monstrous, and the size is quite monstrous. The crust is super thin and I didn't try to see if it held up under the weight of fries and curds. The duck was a bit on the dry side, but overall, this is my kind of monstrosity. 

From the Summerlicious menu: Cortland apple fritter. Maple and cider dulce de leche
It was a bit dry inside, and was sort of like a fancy, crispier Timbit. What turned me off it was the berry sauce that was not mentioned in the menu.

Overall, I think the most exciting dish for me was the roast duck poutine pizza. The smoked salmon beet salad was okay too, if not a little skimpy on the salmon. Those flavours came together well though. Not sure if the Summerlicious "deal" was worth it, but at $25 for three courses, it wasn't terrible.

Would I return? I might when I have insane starch cravings for poutine pizza. I might give their other menu items a shot too. 

Total damage: ($25 Summerlicious dinner + $16 poutine pizza + tax + tip)/2 + $4 for fresh passion fruit juice.

Cheers to Bianca for all the pics and for joining me on this food adventure!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato (1640 Bayview Avenue, Toronto)

$4 for a small cup (2 flavours).
Pear: the only gelato flavour worth getting in my eyes, so I got a double shot of that. Jo got the Rocky Rocher and pear in a waffle cone. It's gelato, and it's delicious. I could taste bits of pear in mine.