Friday, April 22, 2016

Snacks from Japan!

Udon by Lan
It's so fancy; look at all the extra stuff (other than noodles) it has!! So much cutting involved.

Lan came back from Japan with loot bags of stuff, including my very favourite snack in the world: msg crackers.
There was an orange package, and a red one, but I ate them at different times, so I'm not sure if they were different flavours or not. Crispy, puffy, and full of umami, of course, I ate these very quickly.

Also in the package was Japanese variety KitKats. 
Dark was nice. Slightly bitter, but it's what I like.

Not pictured are all the other snacks she brought back and were shared with us. The mochi balls were soft and awesome. 

Cheers to Lan for the imports!