Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keung's Restaurant

Keung's Restaurant (8380 Kennedy Road, Markham, Ontario)
(Not to be confused with Kenny's Delight)

Josie's instant noodles with sausages and egg.

My beef with instant noodles in soup.
It was good. There was enough meat. It's instant noodles, so I wasn't expecting anything fancy.

Street-style rice noodle rolls.
Nothing to complain about there. 

The drinks that come with the meals (during afternoon tea time).
My Spanish coffee (left) tasted instant, but I can see this ice creamed drink being refreshing on a hot day.

Would I go back? Yeah! It seems a little cleaner than some other restaurants of this style.

Total damage: free for me thanks to Josie! :D

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Fat Belgian

The Fat Belgian (115 John Street, Toronto)
Note that as of May 25, Google has mislabelled The Fat Belgian to be in some residential area in another part of the city...
I like the hours listed on their website: "Tuesday-Saturday - 4:30 to Close". That was very helpful.

Mango martini ($9)
I could taste the alcohol, and it was still delicious. That's what I'm talking about.

Braised Rabbit and Mushroom Risotto ($24)
The risotto was cooked quite nicely (I've had ew crunchy risotto before) and the mushroom flavours came through even though the balsamic vinegar was pretty strong. The rabbit chunks were present and the meat was soft... like a cross between braised beef and chicken... if that made any sense at all. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Matt's Stiegl beer can
Old school can. He seemed to like the taste since he got two.

The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and casual. The menu isn't extensive, but I was perfectly content with the available options anyway. 

The tequila moules (mussels) that Jess ordered were pretty good. The sauce was quite flavourful. I liked the seasoning of the fries she had too. They were just a bit gross when they got soggy.

Would I return? I would, but I might order the mussels next time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pun Cao Tong

Pun Cao Tong Herbal Tea & Desserts (550 Highway 7 East, suite 100, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

Renilla and Simon were kind enough to bring me back some Chinese dessert take-out. With a menu, too!

Glutinous rice balls with black sesame paste filling.
Glutinous rice ball has got to be one of the most unappealing name for a dessert item that I've ever heard of. Anyway, they were pretty big and still warm after delivery. I thought they were pretty good.

Total damage for the dessert: approximately $5. It's a bit pricey now that I think about it since it's about $1 per ball.

On a separate occasion, I tried their spicy handmade noodles in soup.
The meat and piece of choy is a bit underwhelming, but I liked the noodles. It had that slightly turgid makeup that I like my noodles to have. Also, they were actually spicy.

Sweet almond soup.
Not something I usually order, but a change would do me good. It was smooth and tastes silky. 

One of Jess and Josie does not particularly like this place, and the other one thinks it's okay. I forgot which thinks what. I think it's okay enough. The fact that it's open pretty late is always good.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Random Mega Food Post

Ying Yang fried rice from Richmond Court (I think)
I like how the sauces are in individual containers. 

More takeout from the same place

Halibut burger from John Anderson's Restaurant.
It's open 24 hours and right at Finch station.
Super fried! 

Craft Burger  Craft Spicy combo with onion rings.
The crispy onion rings usually come out burning to the touch. I've said a lot on this place already.

These are definitely filling. I like the lime-cilantro rice and when the meat is hot.
I do not like the wrap that sticks to the roof and sides of my mouth.

Ten Ren oyster omelette.
Casey actually ordered this, but it was so aesthetically unappealing that I had to take a picture. It looks like mucous and has the same consistency when you eat it. 

Chocolate croissant from Loblaw's.

Soup from Michel's Baguette.
It is served burning hot, which is a bit annoying when there's a limited lunch time.

Milk egg tart. This is what happens when you don't eat warm egg tarts fresh. They get all wrinkly.

Green tea and red bean cake from a Chinese bakery (Queen's?)

The colours remind me a bit of the Hulk. 
It was okay enough. It was special because it was on sale and cheap. 

Fluffy cheesecake from the same bakery

I like how it's cakey. And cheap and on sale.

Taco Bell Mini Crunchwrap combo.
What did I do to make the Taco Bell people mad? They just threw my fries on the tray and gave it to me like that. Why so angry?

Total damage: $4.19.

Flat Rock 2008 Riesling.
Courtesy of Josie! It's nice. I like.

Smoked salmon.
Courtesy of Casey. It comes in a giant slab from the place that smokes it in Waterloo, and he had cut it up for us. It's a bit inconsistent as each time he delivers some it tastes different.

Oreo ice cream sandwich.
I swear they used to be bigger. And the ice cream part used to be white and not gray. 

Real posts coming soon... soonish... whenever I feel like.

Friday, May 21, 2010

William's Coffee Pub

William's Coffee Pub (10909 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario)
905 780-6338

Oreo cheesecake
It was pretty damn good. It had a nice, creamy texture. I convinced others at my table to want one after letting them try mine.

Total damage: a bit more than $5.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Food Post

Demetre's waffle.
I like the brownie chunks.

Dynamite roll from Sushi Bong
The roll is pretty big. The place is small and looks a bit cramped to sit in, so takeout might be the best option when getting food from here. The appeal is that it's relatively cheap and filling. 

Ten Ren's tea. 

Ten Ren's peanut butter toast. 
The toast is pretty good. They don't skimp on the peanut butter and the toast part isn't super dry. It's not a talking food in that it's really sticky in the consumer's mouth.


Chako (163 York Boulevard, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

A while back (probably last year sometime), I went to this all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue restaurant. I find it slightly better than some of the other Korean BBQ places in the area in that it offers fruits and vegetables to grill. If I'm not mistaken, you can also get sushi rolls.
It's priced slightly higher, but eating the grilled pineapple slices is great.

Total damage: approximately $25, but I really can't remember.

Old Foghorn

Still backlogged. Here's some barleywine style ale.

Casey brought this back from California. Jo was kind enough to share hers since mine was stolen out of the fridge.
Jo said that it had a fishy aftertaste. I agree. Maybe it's because we had it at room temperature though. Casey swears that it's awesome. I'll have to try it again when it comes chilled.

Total damage: free for me thanks to Casey/Jo!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Super Backlogged... Instant noodles!

Backlogged... from... months ago now. No order until I can clear the backlog. Until then, instant noodles!

I had these practically on a daily basis a few months ago. MSGd!

Classic instant noodles brand

The MSG packet adds a weird milky look to soup.

Dried stumpy, cylindrical instant noodles from a clear plastic jar in the pantry can be dressed up with baby bak choy, green onions, soup base, and ginger.

Cup noodles are great for people who don't like dishes. They're even better when they come with the plastic spork. (I'm totally green every other time.)

It's frothy?

These are my favourite instant noodles. The super spicy Nong shim ones.

Spicy Nong Shim clears my sinuses every time and the noodles are bursting with burning flavour.
I should note that I've seen Renée (who does not eat spicy food at all) eat a bowl of these super hot noodles. They're that good (and she was that hungry).

Instant noodles in soup can get messy...

With dumplings!

With fried dumplings!!

Here, you can see the weird, preserved clumps of meat (?) that come in these cups.

With egg! Instant noodles with an egg sunny side up is pretty popular. I suppose it adds protein to the empty carbs.

Posts to come: Chocolate from France, Chinese food, Korean tofu soup, Korean noodles and dumplings, Cora's, Montreal food, drinks, burgers, sushi, beer, and maybe pizza. Not in that order. :p