Thursday, May 13, 2010

Super Backlogged... Instant noodles!

Backlogged... from... months ago now. No order until I can clear the backlog. Until then, instant noodles!

I had these practically on a daily basis a few months ago. MSGd!

Classic instant noodles brand

The MSG packet adds a weird milky look to soup.

Dried stumpy, cylindrical instant noodles from a clear plastic jar in the pantry can be dressed up with baby bak choy, green onions, soup base, and ginger.

Cup noodles are great for people who don't like dishes. They're even better when they come with the plastic spork. (I'm totally green every other time.)

It's frothy?

These are my favourite instant noodles. The super spicy Nong shim ones.

Spicy Nong Shim clears my sinuses every time and the noodles are bursting with burning flavour.
I should note that I've seen Renée (who does not eat spicy food at all) eat a bowl of these super hot noodles. They're that good (and she was that hungry).

Instant noodles in soup can get messy...

With dumplings!

With fried dumplings!!

Here, you can see the weird, preserved clumps of meat (?) that come in these cups.

With egg! Instant noodles with an egg sunny side up is pretty popular. I suppose it adds protein to the empty carbs.

Posts to come: Chocolate from France, Chinese food, Korean tofu soup, Korean noodles and dumplings, Cora's, Montreal food, drinks, burgers, sushi, beer, and maybe pizza. Not in that order. :p

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