Monday, May 3, 2010

The Waffle Works

The Waffle Works (2451 Lakeshore Boulevard West, Toronto)

I've wanted to try this place for a while because it seemed to offer something different - namely, waffles and chicken. It seemed like some fatty Southern comfort food right there.

The restaurant didn't make it easy for me find it though. The website is pretty shoddy (under construction and no menu or hours) and manually entering the address into Google Maps leads me to a completely different place in Toronto. Andrew said that it works better if I just Google "Waffle Works" and click on the picture of the map that comes up. When we drove to the location, we actually passed by it at first because it's tucked away into the back of some obscure plaza. But anyway...

We walk in to an empty restaurant: no customers, no servers, no one behind the counter. Awkward... Awkward. What is also awkward is the red tint on all the front-facing windows. It gives the place a slightly creepy red glow. I think a minute or two passes before someone behind the kitchen doors notices us wandering  around like lost children.

A friendly server tells us to sit wherever and brings us another menu as we had already taken one when nobody was around.

Andrew and I both decide on Chicken and Waffles, as it seems to be a popular dish that I've never tried before. Our server kindly notes that it will be about 20 minutes.

Chicken and waffles.
The plate looks a little too simple. The blob is salted butter (probably margarine).

The first bite of my chicken was kind of dry, but that was because it was an edge piece. The rest of the chicken was okay enough. The skin looked more flavourful than it actually was, but at least it was crispy. I found that the syrup tasted like nothing. It seemed watered down, and the butter/margarine overpowered it. I was expecting one of those giant Belgian waffles, but it turned out to be a flatter and denser variation. Both Andrew and I thought it could have been crispier. 

Dessert menu

We didn't end up ordering any dessert.

Would I go back? Probably not. The food didn't wow me and the place is kind of out of the way of everything. Also, they need a those jangly ornaments on the door or something so that customers don't walk in to a completely empty restaurant.

Total damage: $15.

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