Friday, April 16, 2010

Caribbean Queen

Caribbean Queen (10 Dundas Street East, Toronto)

If you walk by close enough to the front of Caribbean Queen, someone will very likely offer you a sample of the meat. As I walked by, toothpicks were already stuck in various pieces of meat.

Well, their methods worked on me. I picked the meat I was offered to try along with some fried plantains and rice. 

I have no idea what Caribbean food should taste like, but the chicken tasted like Chinese BBQ pork meat (cha siu). It looked pretty similar as well. Renée tried a piece and thought that it had tasted so much like cha siu that she forgot she was eating chicken.

The plantains were a little limp and oily, but it didn't bother me that much. The rice was coated in brown and included some beans as well.

I have actually also tried the Caribbean Queen in the food court of Sheppard Centre as well. The plantains were the same, and the meat I had there also tasted like Chinese food.

Total damage: $8.22 for the first box of food shown.


  1. On November/2011, I visited Caribbean Queen at the Scarbough Town Centre in Toronto and was truly dissappointed with the food. The vegetables were so tough and the potatoes were thrown in the curry sauce that was made previously.
    It was the worst experience that I have tried from this location as I visited previous locations and had no problem. I had wasted my money where I could have eaten somewhere else in that food court that has many selections.
    I am posting this comment because this is not right way to do business. Not impressed at all!

  2. That does sound terrible. Thanks for the warning!