Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Turtle Jack's

Turtle Jack's (10 Vogell Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario)
Tel: 905-770-1729
Sun - Wed: 11am- 12am
Thurs - Sat: 11am- 2am

We kept seeing the Turtle Jack's sign when we went to eat at Cora's in the same plaza. Why not try something new?

First thing I noted was that the wait staff seemed really attentive. The restaurant was somewhat empty, so I guess it was easy for our server to come by to check on us several times.

I also noticed that the lights dimmed and undimmed randomly. It was kind of weird.

There are two pictures of food and one picture of random kid leaning over water on the menu.

Josie's mojito and my top shelf margarita ($5.99).

I was thankful that my drink wasn't sobering like the Kelsey's drink that I've recently had to experience. Turns out the 1.5 oz in my Turtle Jack's drink was properly measured. *claps*

Josie and Casey's nachos.
Tortillas are crisp, and the salsa and guacamole taste good. I'm usually pretty skeptical about ordering nachos, but these weren't half bad.

My bison meatloaf with onion crisps.
I ate half my meatloaf before I realized there were vegetables on my plate. The meatloaf is soft and meaty, but not gamey. The fried onion bits were great, as was the dish in general.

Josie's burger.
The meat on Josie's burger tasted more like steak meat than it did burger, if that makes any sense at all.

Deep-fried cheesecake.
It was sitting in berry sauce, so I didn't touch it, but the other seemed to like it.

Would I go back? Sure! I'd go back with my full appetite, though.

Total damage: $32.79 for my drink and bison meatloaf.

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