Friday, April 23, 2010


Nadège (780 Queen Street West, Toronto)

Walking on Queen West, this patisserie caught my eye and I stopped long enough to get sucked into the store.

It seemed pretty busy with people coming in before and after us. There is seating available, but we decided to take ours to go since we just ate a hearty brunch at Swan.

Berta really liked the boxes. I was afraid that my delicate desserts would be rolling around in them.

I was partially right.

A piece from one of the fine creations rolled around in that box like a golf ball after a woman knocked my precious cargo while walking past me on the street. It would have been much worse had the Nadège staff not taped the bottoms of the cardboard pieces under the desserts to the box. That's good thinking on their part, but I guess it doesn't protect against careless Queen Street pedestrians (my careless self included). 

Berta's purchase: blood orange tart.

Out of the boxed items, Berta and I both liked the blood orange tart the best. It was really fruity, and the flavours just all went really well. It was nice, light, and tasted like summer in confectionary form. Berta only wished that the crust wasn't so hard.

Attempts at restoration.
I really liked the textures within the balls. It reminded me of upscale Ferrero Rocher.

I think this dome-shaped thing was called Emperor or something like that. 

I like layers. The coffee flavour cuts the sweetness of the chocolate and the sweet filling cuts the bitterness of the coffee. It's best to try to get some of every layer in each forkful. 

Pistachio and banana?

The pastry part is unobtrusive and the filling is not too strong. I like.


This thing was kind of awesome. Icing sugar, almonds, flaky pastry = win. That was supremely not descriptive, but that's all I can remember. Awesomeness.

Would I go back? Not the cheapest of their kind, but definitely tasty. So, that's a definitive yes! More almond!

Total damage: $22.76 for two pastries and two petits fours (or whatever you want to call them).

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