Friday, April 23, 2010

Big Mouth Kee

Big Mouth Kee (280 West Beaver Creek Road, Richmond Hill)

I really can't get over how cute their logo is.

Jo discovered cheap lunch specials at Big Mouth Kee and decided to take me there to partake in the affordability. 

Many Chinese restaurants of this type will offer meals that come with a drink. It's usually extra for a cold drink. Here, the meal doesn't come with a drink, but it's $0.50 for any drink extra

Cold milk tea.
I like how the flavour of the milk tea isn't lost in the ice or too watered down. I also like the crushed ice as opposed to large cubes. I only wish that the straw were fatter so that I could sip it up like a slushy. 

Not sure if these meals are meant for one person, but me and Jo could share this plate of beef with crunchy noodles.
The beef is good, not overcooked. The noodles are crunchy as they should be. 

Service is fast if you know how to flag people down, Chinese style.

Total damage for one meal (drink included) + extra cold drink ($1): $6.77 + tip. 

Would I go back again? Well, I did. :p

Again, I got the cold milk tea. 

Me and Jo split a fried rice with beef plate.
It's a bit oily (pretty shiny), but it tasted good. I did bite into a chunk of salty that tasted like the Chinese salty fish stuff.

The damage was exactly the same as the previous visit.

Dri's final thoughts: I'd go back. Who doesn't like a meal for the price of one that can feed two people and a small take-out box? If you think about it, it's cheaper than fast food.

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  1. it's not 50 cents extra for cold drink. it doesn't come with a drink. you buy the drink for 50 cents, and its the same price hot or cold.