Monday, April 19, 2010

Snowboarding Food 4

A weekend trip to Blue Mountain means snowboarding! And food. Gotta eat!

Beaver Tails at the top of a hill.
A warm, deep-fried, sugary, doughy treat on the slopes? Casey and Simon went for it. I may have snuck a bite as well.

Healthy salad!

To whoever brought the cheesecake: Thank you.

Breakfast time!
Tomato soup, grilled cheese, and apple and banana slices. Top it off with a cup of orange juice.

Overpriced fries.

Dinner is shepherd's pie. 

And chicken pot pie. 

Communal breakfast: eggs, grilled cheese, apple slices, waffles, chocolate chip cookes, and OJ.
Prepared by myself, Jon, and friends.

Casey cutting cheesy garlic bread.

White wine and crab bisque. Or was it lobster bisque.

Casey's chicken. Choy.

Omelette. Looks like Mel's handiwork.

Breakfast sandwich. Esther style.

And that's all for that trip. There was also some champagne, some sparkling wine, and some brownies. There was also bacon, but I didn't get any. :s

Credits to Esther for some of the pictures. 

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