Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jetsun's Juicyburger

Jetsun's Juicyburger (... where Sonic Temple used to be?)

Having eaten at Craft burger more times than I had hoped for in the past month or so, I was pretty stoked to try out the new burger joint that had popped up near Empress Walk. It's actually on Yonge Street, between Kingsdale and Empress Avenue, just north of the parking lot.

Their intention is to go for the retro diner vibe, but it's a little too much yellow/orange for my eyes.

I opted for a Juicyburger combo (burger, fries, and drink).
What was nice was that I got to pick my own toppings. It's a small privilege that I greatly appreciate.

Burger: meat is thick and somehow does not live up to its Juicyburger name, topping options are standard, bun was not memorable, taste was okay. I was expecting meat juice to drip down my chin as I bit into it; maybe I was aiming too high.
Fries: Some were crispy, some were not, none were undercooked; I might've liked more seasoning.

Overall: meh. I'd rather go north a couple major intersections and grab a tried and tested burger from Golden Star.

Total damage: $9.99, including tax. Yes... that penny change was annoying.

If you are so inclined to try it, there is a coupon floating online for a free Juicyburger with the purchase of a burger and large fries; however, it is only valid until May 31, 2010, and only at the 1900 Eglinton Avenue East location.


  1. come to minneapolis with me and try a jucy lucy, u will like it