Friday, April 9, 2010

Aux Anciens Canadiens

Restaurant aux Anciens Canadiens (34, rue Saint-Louis, Québec (Québec))
Tél. : (418) 692-1627

Situated in the heart of Old Quebec, this restaurant looks charming from the outside, and frankly, it was a bit dark on the inside.

Though it has been a while since I was there, I remember thinking that one thing while perusing the menu: must love meat.

I ended up getting one of the meat pies and to my surprise, I could not finish it. It was filling and the filling had a bit of a gamey taste.

I didn't remember to capture the main platters on camera, but I did get our respective desserts.

Casey's berry something or other:
Mel's pear sorbet:
My apple cheesecake:

I think we all appreciated Mel's sorbet the most as it had a distinctly fruity flavour and it was a light contrast to the meaty plates we had just consumed. 'Delicious pear sorbet' was what I had noted. I quite enjoyed my apple cheesecake as well and have always liked the pairing of apple with cheese. Bonus points for it being not disgustingly sweet. Also, the waiter said my pick was a "bon choix".

It was a pleasant restaurant, and I wouldn't be opposed to going back there next time I visit Quebec city. The outside matches the food, which matches the decor, which matches the website. If I had to describe the whole experience briefly, I'd call it country-style Quebec... or Quebec pioneer village.

Total damage: It was on the pricier side of what I normally eat.

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