Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tomo Sushi

Tomo Sushi Japanese Restaurant (9625 Yonge Street, Richmond Hill, Ontario)
(905) 770-2129

Sometimes, I like to scope out reviews of restaurants before I try them out. This led to my mixed feelings prior to visiting Tomo Sushi. On Urbanspoon, the reviews range from "Family Favourite" to "Shady, untrustworthy". And on a completely unrelated note, but one that I found slightly amusing (where I probably shouldn't have), more than one user commented on the nice legs of a particular server.

I would also like to note that the nice legs comments were not the reason we chose to try this restaurant.

Carrying on...

Going in to the restaurant, we noted those somewhat private rooms with the curtains. We asked if we could sit in one, but we were told that to get one, it would have to be booked in advance... and they cost $100. I've never heard of this rule before.

We decided on a "bottle" of sake ($22.95 for 720 mL) to start. It comes in a teapot and it helps to look inside before drinking it and thinking it'll be tea.
It did not taste as nice as the sake we had at Kaori. It wasn't as sweet, and it had a more... burning rubbing alcohol kind of taste.

Complimentary miso soup. 
I like the fact that it came with noodles. Mel did not enjoy the noodles (because she doesn't like carbs).

Picture by Mel:
There were also these complimentary noodle-like vegetable things. I don't think I've come across the red stuff before. Red pretty much tastes like green. White is that white radish stuff they usually use as a bed for sashimi. Green and red taste good. The portion of it all is pretty friendly considering it's on the house.

Yam tempura ($5.95). 
It's crispy. It's yammy. It's nice.

Kirin Ichiban beer ($5.50).
I wanted to get a beer to wash the sake down. It took us two asking attempts before we got it. I was a little excited to try it since my previous experience with Japanese beer (Asahi black) was quite nice.

Looks like piss. Tastes like skunk.
I don't know what Kirin beer is supposed to taste like, but I hope it's not that. Jo informed me that when beer goes bad, it tastes skunky. That lightstruck beer tasted absolutely awful. I couldn't take it, so I gave my drink away to Jo.

Jo's sushi plate ($14.95).
What's with filler California rolls? The flowers look pretty. Jo felt a bit gypped that there were four salmon pieces, and only two of the other kinds.

Mel's tuna tataki salad ($9.95).
It looks like beef sashimi, but it's not. The fish was good, but the salad part wasn't exciting. Mel thought that the salad on her plate should have been switched with the complimentary one we received earlier during that meal.

My rainbow maki roll ($9.95).
Again, the fish was pretty good. No real complaints here except that I prefer white pickled ginger slices over the pink ones that I got.

Sake bomb.
Jo was also disgusted with skunk beer and tried to salvage it by dropping a cup of sake in it.

It foamed a bit. 

It turned out that the skunk taste simply overtook the sake. Maybe that's why she chugged it down.

Fresh orange slices to finish.

The decor isn't bad, but we made note of the wallpaper. I guess the restaurant looks a little nicer on the side with all the curtained rooms.

Also, I felt a little weird sitting next to this:

It would have been annoying for the restaurant if I were a little troublemaker.

And having read the reviews beforehand, we were looking for the nice legs. We couldn't find them.

Would I return? My thoughts on that question are 'Skunky beer!'

Look out for Professor Crunchy's take on this place. Her review is coming soon.
Check out the video of Jo downing the impromptu sake bomb.

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