Saturday, April 17, 2010

Horseshoe Resort

(1101 Horseshoe Valley Road, Simcoe County, Ontario)

Brownie from the Horseshoe upstairs cafeteria!

I basically got the cheapest thing on the menu ($1.75) that could fill me up (with sugar) because everything is so overpriced when you're at the ski hills.

It actually wasn't sugar overkill, and the size was pretty decent for the price considering the location. The white chocolate shavings were nice.

Also, the all you can eat pasta at Crazy Horse that came with our lift ticket package was way better than I had expected. You go up to the people who fix it up in front of you with your choice of meats, sauces, and vegetables. One of the guys was pretty entertaining. I was expecting cheap crap, but was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, I either didn't take a picture or can't find one that I took. They also had unlimited nice breads and Caesar salad.

I might actually get the all you can eat pasta and lift ticket package again next season.

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