Friday, March 19, 2010

Craft Burger

Craft Burger (830 Yonge Street, Toronto)

Andrew and I both ordered a Craft Spicy burger combo with onion rings. Somehow, his ended up way more juicier than mine. Meat juice was pouring onto the tray from his first bite.
I was pretty jealous, especially since we ordered one after another. Consistency would be nice.

I tried to capture the meat juice that soaked through the paper-lined tray on Andrew's side.

He gets the spicy burger because he likes the spicy chipotle mayo. I actually didn't notice any spice, but I liked the caramelized onions.

I like the crispiness of the onion rings and the breaded batter style, but as I might've mentioned in a previous post, a little more seasoning couldn't hurt.

Total damage: $11.40-something for the combo (burger, onion rings, can of pop).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kum Hong BBQ Restaurant

BBQ pork rice:
(The McDonald's coffee cup in the background is from free coffee week.)

It's really quite good. I'm a fan of the meat quality, taste, and colour. There is a good portion of meat, and this could probably feed two small people for lunch. The sauce that they use is that standard "cha siu" sauce and there's enough of it to mix with the rice, but you can always purchase an extra cup of sauce for $0.50. Also provided, is the ginger and green onion sauce.

The slightly burnt end pieces are my favourite.

Price is right, too.

Total, including tax: $5.25.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mega Random Food Post

Hello friends,

Welcome back. It's been a while.

Some OCD arranged koala cookies!
These Japanese chocolate-filled koala cookies are awesome! Just look at the different pictures!
These are great snacks for work or for school. Family pack rocks! (approximately $8)
My other bag had ninjas.
I microwaved pieces of milk chocolate and milk. Then I added instant coffee and topped it off with Bailey's. Yum!
More koala cookies!
Work dinner:
I quite like the pasta.

Another work dinner:
The chicken wasn't as exciting as the last time we were served chicken.

Tim Hortons chocolate danish ($2.51):

Josie wanted to make ratatouille:
Took forever in the oven. It also leaked a lot of water at the bottom. In the end, it was tasty enough though.
Tuna, artichoke, and anchovy pasta salad. Another dish made by Josie and me. Pretty good! I liked it.

McCain's rising crust pizza:
It was on sale at the grocery store for $3 or $5 and it was quite comparable to the Delissio pizzas.

I made pie!
I found the easiest pie crust online and added lots of sugar. I burnt it a bit, but it was still okay for the most part. The crust is not like normal apple pie crust. It's a bit more crunchy, but Sheila liked it.
Out of laziness I did nothing to the apples before I put it in the pie except peel and cut them. And added sugar. Always with the adding of sugar.
Sheila's eyes lit up when she saw the sign for smores pies at McDonald's. The crust isn't the same as their apple pie, and I actually thought it tasted a bit... lardy.
Leftover thanksgiving food from my aunt!
I like how neatly packaged it is.

That was a table made rich with alcohol:
Premium Canadian Club is way smoother than Chivas Regal. Grey Goose is the smoothest vodka that I know. The pear flavoured one is delicious.

Chinese food from the food court under North York Centre. So cheap and plentiful!
There was a giant Ferrero Rocher tree at the Eaton Centre around Christmas last year.
They were giving away samples of their new dark Ferrero balls.

It tasted like heaven, and was worth the line-up.
Egg salad sandwich from Michel's Baguette.
The bread and ingredients tastes fresh, but it's sill overpriced for a sandwich.

Yet another work dinner:

Jo made me take a picture of this at Loblaw:

I bought these not realizing that they were the wasabi flavoured version:
My nose started running. :| Also, the normal version doesn't usually clump up like that.
Banana bread:

I laughed so hard at this sign:
Buffet King food:
It's not the best Chinese buffet out there.

Tried to make apple crisp using this recipe I found onlin.
Tasted like raw oatmeal, except for that glazed-looking part on the side.

Banana bread ingredients:

Super moist banana bread. The recipe with sour cream was the most moist.
Pizza chips!
Est Asie (1320 Sainte-Catherine Street East, Montreal, Quebec)
I got the orange beef. All I remember was that it was quite large.

Lemon pepper chips courtesy of Sheila:
The first bite really was a kicker. I think it involves salt and vinegar seasoning.

I think this is from Kuni Sushi Ya all you can eat buffet:
Not the freshest sushi I had.

Breakfast buffet at some hotel in Montreal. I can't remember which one.

Clock Tower Brew Pub (575 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario)
Happy hour specials include mussel plates and beer. They brew their own, but nothing stands out in my memory as this was a very long time ago.

Free President's Choice samples: chicken, some spread, and italian soda. Italian soda wasn't bad.
Um... I don't know.