Sunday, April 29, 2012

Marathon Donuts & Coffee

Marathon Donuts & Coffee (unit 32, 3300 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario)
Google maps hint: don't type in Scarborough when searching. It will lead you to somewhere else.

The place looks like a coffee shop that could have been around longer than I have. The menu looks extensive, but we really just wanted to try their Hong Kong style milk tea. Jo has been saying that it came in third place in some sort of North American milk tea competition. 

The milk teas came in paper cups, but they definitely weren't watered down. Renée got the iced version and though it wasn't bad, we decided that the hot version was superior. Jo and Renée still like the cold milk tea at Phoenix better (they chill it and serve it with no ice, so the flavour is more intense).

Would I return? I would if someone drove me. It's a bit out of the way in this whatever Chinese plaza. The milk tea is good though. The staff is pretty friendly and non-threatening. We stayed there for a good while just hanging out and watching the Chinese game show that was on their TV without any hassle.

Total damage: $1.60.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eskimo Ice Fruit House

Eskimo Ice Fruit House
It's around here on Dundas Street West, Toronto.

Braised beef and rice
Approximately $8. The beef was a rather dried out, and the rice seemed undercooked. It was mildly spicy. I think the fried chicken that other people had might have been a better choice. Yay to cucumber slices though. It came with a milk tea that tasted rather watered down to me. 

The first time I walked in, I noticed their desserts.

So I got the pistachio crunch business.
And I liked it. There was a special that offered a cake and a plain milk tea that totalled about $6.
It's a decent deal. The milk tea was again weak for my liking. 

Amanda really enjoyed her cookie crunch cake.

Bianca got the caramel latte mini cake.

Would I return? Maybe... the food wasn't great, but their cakes are okay - as they should be since they're La Rocca. It's a relatively quiet place to hang out, and it has some board games you can play - though we did not play them.