Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eskimo Ice Fruit House

Eskimo Ice Fruit House
It's around here on Dundas Street West, Toronto.

Braised beef and rice
Approximately $8. The beef was a rather dried out, and the rice seemed undercooked. It was mildly spicy. I think the fried chicken that other people had might have been a better choice. Yay to cucumber slices though. It came with a milk tea that tasted rather watered down to me. 

The first time I walked in, I noticed their desserts.

So I got the pistachio crunch business.
And I liked it. There was a special that offered a cake and a plain milk tea that totalled about $6.
It's a decent deal. The milk tea was again weak for my liking. 

Amanda really enjoyed her cookie crunch cake.

Bianca got the caramel latte mini cake.

Would I return? Maybe... the food wasn't great, but their cakes are okay - as they should be since they're La Rocca. It's a relatively quiet place to hang out, and it has some board games you can play - though we did not play them.

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