Friday, April 16, 2010

Burger Shack

Burger Shack (233 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto)

I heard good things about this burger joint near Eglinton Avenue and Avenue Road. Good burgers? Naturally, I had to check it out.

The first thing that I thought when I walked in was 'Golden Star'. It has that old school feel like it's been around before I was born. It has limited seating, and I was nervous to say "for here" when the cashier asked if my food was to go because I feared that there would be no tables left by the time I got my food. The few parking spots were all taken when we got there at about 1 p.m. on a Friday.

Though there was a sign outside for a special that included fries, drink, and a banquet burger for $8 (tax included), I wanted to try the onion rings. 

Homemade banquet burger ($5.25) with onion rings ($3.50): 

I couldn't help but smile back when the guy finished making the onion rings, passed my tray over, and flashed me a wide grin. It made me feel like the onion rings would be very exciting. 

The onion rings were too fresh to handle at first. Heavily battered, and super crispy, they tasted pretty classic. The batter is noticeably thicker than other burger places that I've eaten at.

The bun of the burger was sturdier and more helpful at holding things together than the one at Golden Star. No sesame seeds on top, but that's okay. Banquet burger comes with bacon and cheese. Bacon was crispy. The cheese added a nice touch. Other toppings were my choice (Harvey's style) and they looked pretty fresh. Barbecue sauce isn't as good as Golden Star's (or maybe I didn't get enough). Meat had a nice charred taste to it. It was either meat juice leaking from my burger or watery barbecue sauce. The size of the burger is also comparable to Golden Star, and unless you're a beast (or a ravenous teenager), you'll most likely be full after one.

Total damage: $9.89.

Dri's recommendation: I'd go back... if someone else is driving. Oh yeah, I asked for a homemade burger as directed on a review I read... don't know what happens if you don't specify homemade.

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