Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Fat Belgian

The Fat Belgian (115 John Street, Toronto)
Note that as of May 25, Google has mislabelled The Fat Belgian to be in some residential area in another part of the city...
I like the hours listed on their website: "Tuesday-Saturday - 4:30 to Close". That was very helpful.

Mango martini ($9)
I could taste the alcohol, and it was still delicious. That's what I'm talking about.

Braised Rabbit and Mushroom Risotto ($24)
The risotto was cooked quite nicely (I've had ew crunchy risotto before) and the mushroom flavours came through even though the balsamic vinegar was pretty strong. The rabbit chunks were present and the meat was soft... like a cross between braised beef and chicken... if that made any sense at all. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Matt's Stiegl beer can
Old school can. He seemed to like the taste since he got two.

The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and casual. The menu isn't extensive, but I was perfectly content with the available options anyway. 

The tequila moules (mussels) that Jess ordered were pretty good. The sauce was quite flavourful. I liked the seasoning of the fries she had too. They were just a bit gross when they got soggy.

Would I return? I would, but I might order the mussels next time.

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