Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pun Cao Tong

Pun Cao Tong Herbal Tea & Desserts (550 Highway 7 East, suite 100, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

Renilla and Simon were kind enough to bring me back some Chinese dessert take-out. With a menu, too!

Glutinous rice balls with black sesame paste filling.
Glutinous rice ball has got to be one of the most unappealing name for a dessert item that I've ever heard of. Anyway, they were pretty big and still warm after delivery. I thought they were pretty good.

Total damage for the dessert: approximately $5. It's a bit pricey now that I think about it since it's about $1 per ball.

On a separate occasion, I tried their spicy handmade noodles in soup.
The meat and piece of choy is a bit underwhelming, but I liked the noodles. It had that slightly turgid makeup that I like my noodles to have. Also, they were actually spicy.

Sweet almond soup.
Not something I usually order, but a change would do me good. It was smooth and tastes silky. 

One of Jess and Josie does not particularly like this place, and the other one thinks it's okay. I forgot which thinks what. I think it's okay enough. The fact that it's open pretty late is always good.

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