Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Star King

Star King Viet Thai Cuisine (7050 Warden Avenue, Markham, Ontario)

It's a bit confusing walking into Star King. The location used to be a Kelsey's, and all the decorations, tables, booths, and the bar has remained; however, they serve pho, and there are teacups and chopsticks on the tables.

Beef brisket curry with rice.
I thought the meat was quite soft. The brisket tore apart easily in strands. Mel, who ordered the same thing as me, enjoyed the meat. She actually got hers with bread instead of rice, which she also enjoyed. The actual curry was a bit on the bland side to me.

Mel's black sesame ice cream.
The picture in menu was very enticing to many people at our table. The intense black colour made it look like it'd have intense black sesame flavour. Mel said that it was very good.

Would I return? Sure, it's affordable enough, and it seems a bit cleaner than most pho joints. 

Total damage for my curry and rice: $9.

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