Saturday, June 19, 2010

More Drinks and Snacks

A trip to the liquor store meant restocking. 

Jo picked up a bottle of McGuinness Blue Curaçao.
It's sweet and orange-flavoured. At 15%, Jo called it the source of flavour shot.

Selection of the night. I picked up Cointreau and the Absolut vodka.

The combination of vodka, Cointreau and blue curaçao was pretty good.
Jo liked that the drink tasted decent and didn't require soda. The Cointreau adds a bitter orange taste (like the white part of the orange peel) and the blue curaçao adds colour and orangey sweetness. The vodka adds... well, vodka. (40% + 40% + 15% = 95%? Not really, but lol.) I quite liked this combination.

President's Choice aged cheddar and onion chips.
I like that the PC chips are a bit thicker and sturdier than regular chips. I do not like how some of pieces are absolutely massive. In my mind, chips should never be more than 1.5 bites each. The aged cheddar and onion tastes a bit more like the classic sour cream and onion. The aged cheddar part isn't that noticeable.

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