Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Craft Burger


Berta had a craving for burgers, so off to Craft Burger we went.

Crazy burger with onion rings
I'm a bit sad because their burgers seem a little more cooked than I'd like nowadays. 
The peppers and Havarti cheese are nice. I'm not a vegetable hater, but I found the chunk of lettuce unnecessary since there's already coleslaw in it. Iceberg lettuce just sucks flavour out of things. Still, I think I like the crazy burger better than the spicy burger.

As always, the onion rings are crispy. The sweetness in the onion comes through a bit, but I still would like a bit of seasoning.

Note to self: don't use fake reference name when paying by credit card to avoid strange look from the cashier. 

Total damage: $11.47.

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