Friday, June 4, 2010


Applebee's (5700 Mavis Road, Mississauga, Ontario)

Andrew wanted to try Applebee's. In Mississauga.

Blue Coconut Margarita
It was more neon green than blue. Also, what coconut? It was pretty big though, almost the size of Andrew's soda. The lime slice was dried up (no juice whatsoever), but the drink itself was sour enough... in a good way. 

French onion soup with French dip sliders
I liked the cheese on the soup. The soup could've used more onions. The dip for the mini sandwiches didn't add as much flavour as I would've liked... I might've been better off dipping them in the soup. I liked the sliders, but they weren't exactly amazing. 

Andrew's wonton tacos
Tasted like Chinese stir-fry in a crispy tortilla. Crunchy. Meat was a bit on the fatty side and kind of scarce. Again, lime had no juice.

Andrew thought that the food would be better. I was expecting a bit better too. Also, I think they pre-cut their lime slices.

The staff seemed very well trained in customer service... perhaps a little too well.

Would I return? Uh... it's kind of far. Maybe?

Total damage for my drink and lunch meal: $20.

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