Thursday, June 3, 2010

Over Easy

Over Easy (208 Bloor Street West, Toronto)

Berta wanted to try this breakfast-type place, so I went along for the ride.

Freshly squeezed small grapefruit juice ($3.50)
I know it's a small, but it's still a little dinky for its price. I don't remember it being too pulpy, but that might be because I drank it through the straw. 

My Western omelette ($9.99), I think.
I liked the potatoes, but they weren't as good or as super seasoned as the ones from Swan. The omelette itself wasn't bad. I mean, it is what it is. 

I think Berta got the Spanish omelette ($9.99)

Would I go back? Maybe if the line up wasn't stuck at the door. The wait was a bit annoying, but we did go at peak lunch hour on a Sunday.

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