Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sapporo Sushi

Sapporo Sushi (3 Chalmers Rd, Richmond Hill, Ontario‎)
(905) 882-7877

I think the value for this place is okay. The fish may not be the best quality, but the prices are pretty reasonable last I was there.

Clear glass noodles and miso soup that comes with my meal.
That miso soup looks really light coloured.

Salad that comes with my meal.
I like that Asian-type salad dressing. The leaves are cheap iceberg lettuce, and I think there was a slice of cucumber too.

It might have been nicer with more varieties of sashimi pieces.

Ice cream that comes with meal.

Would I return? Sure.

Total damage: $15-$20... I don't really remember because these pictures were taken a long time ago.

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