Friday, June 11, 2010

Man Doo Hyang

Man Doo Hyang (6068 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario)

It was Renée and Simon who first introduced me to this place, and I keep coming back. Their giant dumplings and handmade noodles were what got me at first until I found out that they had $2.50 domestic beer and $9.99 soju.

After the first few times of coming here and not too long after the 2010 Winter Olympics, someone noticed a picture on the wall to the right of where we came in. If the person wasn't recognizable, there later were new signs on the wall advertising their Yuna Kim specials. That would be the Yuna Kim Olympic gold medalist in figure skating and according to her shirt in the picture, "future trophy wife". That's precious. The signs stated something to the effect of 10% off whatever she ordered when she was there. I think that offer might have expired now though. Regardless, I've been referring to the restaurant as Yuna Kim ever since because it's just easier that way.

Their frosted glasses for the beer are pretty exciting. 

The glasses are so cold that there were some ice chunks forming on them.
Josie even had some frozen beer chunk action inside her glass.

Complimentary appetizers!
I like the mini dumplings they serve as appetizers. Not only are they cute, they're meat-filled and tasty too! I'm also a big fan of the (almost standard) pickled white radish dish. And kim chi turnip - that's good too. 

From left to right: Molson Canadian, Coors, Labatt Blue, Budweiser. That is the order of my favourite to least favourite of these brands. These are the four domestic beers available. 

Handmade noodles in broth.
One bowl of these noodles could fill a family - a family of me. There are three things that I like about these noodles: 1. handmade 2. filling 3. flavourful broth. The handmade aspect adds that nice bounce to them. 

We ran through the domestic beers, so we decided to try some of their soju.

Fresh! I like the corresponding shot glasses.

Again, I was surprised to discover how easy it goes down. It's just a tiny bit sweet and very smooth.  
There's something that seems so alcoholic about drinking clear liquids that aren't water or fizzy. If I hadn't already had three beers before the soju, I might have ordered more of it.

Alcohol consumption between me and Jo

Josie and Dominic were kind enough to buy the table a round of popsicles for dessert!

There's melon flavour

Or grey-flavoured?

Don't worry, it doesn't taste like shark. For some reason, the shark one tastes like orange.

-This restaurant isn't very big. When we asked for a table for eight people, a staff member looked a bit shocked at first, looked around, then nodded and started to push tables together.

-They used to have these giant deep-fried dumplings that Renée and I really liked; however, on subsequent visits, they never seemed to have them anymore. The staff couldn't really explain why they were no longer readily available (possibly due to English communication issues), but one staff member did say that if we called ahead to ask for them, they would be able to serve them. I'm not really sure why that is or what that means.

Would I go back? Yes! I like $2.50 domestic beer, $9.99 soju, $1 imported popsicles, giant dumplings, and handmade noodles.

Total damage: Uh... I can't remember... I had a lot of drinks... but the bowl of noodles are < $10.

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