Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Egg Waffles!

Location: Pacific Mall (4300 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, Ontario)

How to get there: Go up the escalator in the middle of the mall. Walk past the people selling purses, bags, and swords. Follow the smell of waffles down one of the aisles towards the mini food court. The unit that sells these snacks should be in the middle somewhere. Look for a sign that says "egg waffles" somewhere on it. Mainly, I just followed the smell once I got upstairs.

The sign said "egg waffles", but I know them as "little chicken eggs" from Chinese translation.
They're a great combination of the fluffy puffs and the crisped batter in between them. They're sweetened ever so slightly, and they come warm and fresh! The guy filled the waffle makers and told me to wait two minutes. Around two minutes later, he took them out, and fanned them on a cooling rack with a paper bag. It's important to let them cool down before putting them in the bags so that they don't get all gross and soggy. I commend his fanning efforts.

These snacks are two bags for $5 or one bag for $3. Of course, I had to get two.

Would I go back for more? Of course! Fluffy waffles!

Total damage: $5 for two bags. 

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