Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Food Post

Dinner at Berta's.

Berta's mom made these cool lotus wheeled meat sandwiches. 
I liked the combination of the crunchy lotus with the savoury meat.

Saw these animal crackers at Loblaws and I was immediately amused by the differences in the chocolate and vanilla versions.

Sad chocolate bear thing.

Happy vanilla camel.

Harvey's had a two burgers for $5 special.

The meat tastes a bit like rubber... and yet, I still don't mind it.

Tried their poutine while I was at it. Thumbs down for not using real cheese curds.

When I have to have frozen pizza, I get Delissio.

Usually not a fan of the thick crust, their rising crust is pretty good.

Chocolate chip banana bread by Sheila. 
Sheila has been going on weird baking sprees ever since she got a working oven. I was lucky to have been a benefactor of this. The banana bread was good! Not too dry.

Andrew insisted on buying a box of Krispy Kreme donuts after Applebee's.
The translucent coating reminded me of congealed fat and I was a bit too disgusted to try one.

I really like the Cracked Pepper & Olive Oil Triscuit crackers.
They're pretty flavourful (much of which is salty) and I like their crosshatched crunchy fibres. Some (weaklings) may find the cracked pepper part to be too tingly on their tongues, but I like it. This is usually my snack of choice for long car road trips.


  1. (J) the banana bread was all S. i didn't help at all :p

  2. Lol, good to know. Edited!