Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Richmond Court

Richmond Court (Times Square Mall)

It should be warned that this restaurant isn't the cleanest of its kind. If you have a large table that requires lots of cups of tea, a server might very well be sticking their fingers inside the cups filled with tea to bring them over. I'm pretty sure that's not standard health regulation procedure, but I think they favour efficiency.

Fried rice with salty fish and chicken pieces.
The salty fish is definitely salty. They like to mound the rice on a large plate. During this particular visit, we found a hair in the rice.

Rice noodle rolls
Decent. Average.

Would I return? Sadly, I probably would. It's cheap Chinese food that's available late at night. Good for midnight cravings. Not good if you want a nice dining experience. I think some of the servers have permanent stank face.

Total damage: I honestly can't remember, but I can assure you that it was cheap.

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