Tuesday, June 22, 2010

La Rosa

La Rosa Grand Hall (25 Lanark Road, Markham, Ontario)

Ivan and Vivian's wedding reception

Traditional Chinese ten-course meal.

I liked it, but Mel wasn't a fan. She said hers wasn't crispy, but mine was plenty crispy.

Deep-fried crab claw.

Scallop with snow peas.

Shark fin soup.
Apparently before that day, I didn't realize which part was the actual shark fin. It's the stringy clumps.

Abalone and choy.

Steamed fish.



The chicken was the best dish. The meat was really moist and the skin was very crispy.

By this time, I was really full.

Red bean soup.

I have no major complaints about the food... only that I was shoving most of it in my mouth in order to keep up with the scheduled timing. I was displeased when they took away some of my plates that I wasn't done with. I guess they just had to keep the dishes coming.

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