Monday, June 7, 2010

Kaori Japanese Restaurant

Kaori Japanese Restaurant (30 High Tech Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

From the outside, this place looks like it's a karaoke bar. It has a giant animated neon LED sign that screams... something loud and potentially obnoxious. 

I was very surprised when we walked in as the decor was a lot nicer. The decorations were big, but not as neon.

Complimentary edamame


Beef sashimi
It was actually seared on the outside. Jo and Mel didn't like it, but I thought it was okay when eaten with the surrounding fixings.

Complimentary tuna and turnip
It was pretty huge for something that's complimentary. The tuna is soft, but a bit dry when you keep hacking at it. It's good when dipped in the red sauce though.

More complimentary stuff. Wow!

My egg and dumpling soup
This was actually more filling than I expected it to be. I believe this was my second dinner of the day, and I wanted something light. It was a bit salty, but good.

Spicy salmon maki
Well, I ordered spicy salmon, but I think they gave me salmon. Also, the non-spicy salmon didn't taste very fresh and the wasn't rolled perfectly. I give them props for the black and white sesame seeds on the outside though.

Jo's chirashi

Mel's food

The bottle of hot sake
I've always thought that sake tastes like rubbing alcohol, but it might've just been because I never had good sake. This was good sake. It tasted sweet and went down a lot easier than the ones I've had in the past. Also, it's best to drink it warm because it tastes more and more like rubbing alcohol as it cools down (not that I know what rubbing alcohol tastes like).

Mel's rice
I was impressed that her rice didn't come completely plain... not that she cares because she doesn't like carbs.

The sake is clear.

The eel. 
The cooked eel was actually quite delicious. It was soft, the sauce was a bit sweet, and it kind of just melts in your mouth. This is definitely one of the better cooked eels that I've ever had. 

Black sesame ice cream.
I wanted to try something different, and this was really good. It definitely tasted like black sesame, and it wasn't overbearingly sweet. Though it's ice cream, it actually seemed like a light dessert.

I like how there's a service bell on the table. It actually works too!

I think my favourite things from this meal was the ice cream and the eel.

Would I return? Perhaps for sake, ice cream, and eel.

Total damage: uh... around $35 for me?

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