Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leslie Cafe

Leslie Cafe (140 Ravel Road, Toronto, Ontario)

Renée took me to this Hong Kong style Cafe near Leslie and Finch Avenue. It looked pretty new (and clean). 

My BBQ pork with noodles and bacon, eggs, and toast combo.

It comes with a hot drink, so I got milk tea.

Renée's meal.

I was expecting a little more meat on the noodles (maybe just one more piece), and for the meat to be more red in colour (and more flavourful) like at other places that I've eaten BBQ pork. Renée told me that homemade versions aren't as red, and I accepted that explanation. It's just not as good as the other places. 

In terms of quantity of food that is included in these combos, it's massive. I probably would've been fine without the extra plate of food. 

The place is nicely decorated and it had a really relaxed atmosphere. 

Would I return? Yeah, the price is right.

Total damage: approximately $5.

(I coincidentally found another blog where someone ordered the same thing I did. You can check out their thoughts here. I'm all about multiple perspectives.)

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