Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Food and Drink

I was super hungry, and I basically threw everything I found in a pot and boiled it. In the bowl: choy, dumplings, tomatoes, enoki mushrooms, and ginger.

Snacks and drinks.
Shredded squid courtesy of Sheila. They're salty, a bit chewy and spicy. I like. Hello Panda chocolate-filled cookies courtesy of Josie. They're really just imitation koala cookies. Josie likes these ones better, but I prefer the original koalas. The pandas have a thicker cookie part, and the pictures aren't printed as nicely as the koalas. In many of them, the hole pierces right through the picture. Still, I think they're okay as long as I don't compare them to the koala cookies.

I heard that green tea and Chivas was a popular mixed drink, so we decided to try it. Loblaws only had Tao Ti brand, and I picked up the honey flavoured one. We mixed it, but me and Jo both thought that it just tasted like watered down scotch whisky. It was pretty gross. I then tried the honey green tea by itself, and it tasted like water. I tried it again today (I bought two bottles), and it actually has a lot more tea taste, making it more bitter than the other brand that I'm used to. The Chivas and green tea could be a good mix, but I think a sugar-loaded bottled green tea should be used.

Mukmuk, St-Ambroise, and Desperados tequila beer.
Desperados courtesy of Casey.

I remember liking this beer when I first had it, but it tasted like awful cough medicine this time. The bottles had gone through a lot of travelling, and Jo and I think they went skunky. 

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