Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kaori Japanese Restaurant

Kaori Japanese Restaurant (30 High Tech Road, Richmond Hill, Ontario)

We made another trip to the Japanese restaurant that also serves Korean fare. 

Green ninja cocktail (~$8)
I had Mel pick the cherry out with chopsticks. A combination of green tea liquor and something else alcoholic (I think gin) sounded interesting on paper, but it tasted like awful cough syrup. 

Complimentary side dishes and salad.

Mel's spicy tofu soup.

My spicy noodles.
The mussels were a bit small. There were a lot of onions. Shrimp was peeled; the prawns were not. It was definitely spicy. We figured out that my food was basically Mel's with noodles replacing the tofu. Overall, it was okay.

Complimentary green tea ice cream.
I was pretty full after the noodles, but I managed to finish the ice cream and some of Mel's too.

Would I return? I may wait a while, but probably. I wouldn't get a cocktail, though.

Total damage for my share: $23.50.

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