Monday, July 26, 2010

Tokyo Kitchen

Tokyo Kitchen (20 Charles Street East, Toronto)
(416) 515-0387

 Berta introduced me this nice Japanese joint near Yorkville. The prices were quite decent for downtown Toronto.

Sapporo beer.
I like it when Japanese restaurants have Japanese beer available. There was an amusing moment when the server came out with two mini glasses, expecting us to split the beer. She was very apologetic when we told her it was just for me. The beer was not as exciting as I thought it'd be. The mini glass was cute though.

My salmon and salmon roe on rice. It had a Japanese name that started with an o, but I don't completely remember what it was called. 
The rice had a prominent vinegar taste, which was nice. The salmon was quite soft and the quality seemed pretty good to me. The salmon roe would pop with salty flavour, but the little balls weren't as turgid as the ones I had with the sushi at Le Cafe Michi.

Berta's udon.
She seemed to like it.

Our waitress was extremely polite - so much so to the point that I felt like she just moved to Canada. It was somewhat endearing. 

The restaurant has a very comfortable vibe, and there's a terrace for those who like to eat outside.

Would I return? Yes. The prices are reasonable, the place looks nice and clean, and the service was good and polite. Also, it's a Japanese restaurant with Japanese staff. That's kind of a rare find in Toronto.

Total damage: Okay, I don't actually remember, but it was approximately $15 for my meal that included the imported beer. 

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