Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tracy Dessert

Tracy Dessert (3255 Highway 7 East, Markham, Ontario)

I know this place as the mango place because more often than not, there are cases of mangoes on the shelves near the back of the restaurant. As a result, whenever I go to Tracy Dessert, I usually get one of the mango desserts despite my allergies.

Mango tapioca mixed.
I've never had unripened mangoes there, and that particular visit was no exception. The bowl is filled with clear little tapioca balls in a somewhat creamy, sweet soup. It's one of my preferred Chinese desserts.

It should be noted that the place isn't huge, and the tables are surrounded by stools without backs. It looks very Asian when walking in. For those with back problems, take-out is an option. 

The tea that is served tastes a bit like corn. 

Would I return? Yes. It's a familiar, affordable place that's open late enough and satisfies my random Chinese dessert cravings.


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