Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ehwa Pear Blossom (5182 Yonge Street, North York, Ontario)

As we walk in, a staff member projects a loud Korean greeting at us from the back of the restaurant. At closer inspection, she greets us in English and asks us how many people.

I've been here before, so I knew that I had to ask for the secret, Korean-only, alcohol + food combo menu. This time, I thought I'd just look in the regular menu (Korean + English) for the item I wanted, then see if I could match up those Korean characters in the combo menu. It worked, so I quickly ordered my meal and five bottled domestic beers.

That'll be five Alexander Keiths. The bucket wasn't packed with as much ice as it was during our previous visit, but the drinks were cold nonetheless.

Potato lump with stuff. I like.

Super crispy fries.

They gave us this cute little mug when we asked for a glass.

Sizzled corn appetizer.

Mel's fried tofu. I liked the sauce, but she didn't like how it made the tofu soggy.

Jo's spare ribs.
These tasted really good. The meat was a bit on the fatty side, but I still liked it.

My spicy fish roe soup.
Bonus enoki mushrooms! It was very spicy. Most of the fish roe chunks were at the bottom. I liked it, but I was surprised that it didn't come with rice.

I think there were more sides this time than last.

They didn't have Hite or OP that day, so I went for an extra Molson Canadian.

Would I return? Yes. The service is very polite, the complimentary appetizers are nice, and I liked the food. Spicy actually means spicy there. Also, the secret beer+food combo menu is cool.

Total damage for my beer combo (soup + 5 beers) and my extra beer: $36.

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