Thursday, June 16, 2011



Snow roll (Mel likes it because it doesn't have rice), spicy tuna roll, and spicy salmon roll.
The maki aren't particularly well hand-crafted, but they tasted okay. The melty orange sauce on the snow roll was a bit of a turn off for me.

The fake crab was a bit shrivelled, but I really like that flavoured pollock so I ate it up. The scallops were pretty good.

I've mentioned these golden shrimp sticks before
They're supposed to be dipped in tempura sauce, but I like 'em dry and crispy.

Sake mussels.
These were a bit less exciting than I had imagined, but at least they were seasoned.

Shrimp tempura.
The shrimp tempura was quite flaky and battered. I liked these.

Enoki mushrooms wrapped in... pork? I preferred the enoki wraps over the beef-wrapped green onions.
The beef was overcooked.

Eel fried rice.
The eel chunks were bite-sized and a little scarce. The rice was gleaming with oil, and individual rice grains fell in between my chopsticks. (Yes, I realize there's a spoon on the plate.) 

Deep-fried banana.

 Mini squid balls and chicken skewers
The little balls were cute and I like how they were browned on the outside.

Cooked to my liking, which means that it still maintained that vegetable crunch without being raw.

Bitter melon, cabbage, and egg.
We all were surprised by this dish, and we all enjoyed it. They managed to take a good chunk of bitterness out of the melon without making it mushy. It tasted healthy in a good way.

Beef sashimi.
It's really more like seared beef.

Mango tapioca dessert
It's watered down, and the balls don't pop as much as I expect them to. They're a bit softer than normal.

Would I return? Yes, when I'm hungry. This place is pretty good for AYCE, and it does offer a few unique items. Not everything is great, but most things are passable. My favs for the night would be the bitter melon dish and the golden shrimp. A few of our orders were forgotten, but not frustratingly so. Staff is efficient, and some of them even smile. 

Total damage: approximately $27 per person.

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