Saturday, June 25, 2011


I've mentioned Sir Perry and Strongbow before, but it was time for a comparison. (Yes, I know one is pear cider, and one is apple.)
Sir Perry is less sour, more sweet. Strongbow has a more intense fruit flavour, but the fermentedness makes it taste more alcoholic. Then Jo thought up the ingenious idea of mixing them together. Sir Perry counteracted the sourness of Strongbow, and Strongbow contributed stronger fruit flavours. The mix was kind of awesome.

And on a random note, Strongbow (and most alcoholic beverages) taste better out of glass bottles - at least they do for me.

Ozeki hana-awaka (sparkling flower) sake.
 Only the bottle is pink; the actual liquid is clear.
I was pretty excited to try this since I've never seen it before. Normally, I'd drink sake out of those tiny cups that'd contain probably less than a shot of liquid... but then I saw that the alcohol content was 7% and decided that this was a drink you could chug like pop. 

My first thought was that it smelled like sake and tasted like rice. It's like really light-tasting sake with bubbles. Jo likened it to diluted sake with fruitiness. It's quite easy to drink. I'd consume this sparkling sake again.

Cheers to Casey for importing the sparkling sake to me from California!

And on another random note, the Ozeki website looks a little '90s ghetto.

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