Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chinese Dumpling House


Okay, so the sign actually says "Chineses Dumpling House", but I think I know what they're trying to say. Nothing says authenticity like Engrish. This place that's located in Metro Square was recommended by Renée and Simon. It has the same menu as the restaurant of the same name on Highway 7. Renée and others have mentioned that this location is the tastier, more ghetto version.

The comments about the dish to the right were pretty amusing.
Kevin said the texture of it tasted like fabric. I can see what he means. It has a sort of rough, grainy texture to it. I said it was sort of like strips of cloth. Casey said it was more like place mat. Lol. That didn't stop our table from clearing the dish. The other dish on the left was what many Chinese kids call elastic rubber bands. Despite the nickname, they're still good. It's jellyfish, by the way.

Fried green onion spiral cake.
I made that description up because I don't actually know what it's called on the menu. It's the pouffy version of green onion pancake. I liked it. It was less greasy and less see-through-oily than the one I had at the Highway 7 location. It was a bit flaky, and nice. Not spectacular, but nice.

Hot and sour soup.
This soup was very very mild, but quite tasty. It was full of tofu chunks and other good stuff, and quite flavourful. 

Potsticker dumplings.
These were actually my least favourite dumplings of the meal. The small amount of meat was loosely wrapped and the dumpling skin on some of them were broken. They seemed a bit flat in shape, and not very exciting.

I don't know what this is called but I was told that this is the cheaper cousin of "dou miu". It was crunchy and good for what it was.

Steamed lamb dumplings.
The lamb taste comes through in these cute dumplings. I liked them. The other dumplings underneath them weren't bad either, but as I did none of the ordering, I don't know what those were. 

Pan-fried dumplings.
These were pretty good too. The pan-frying left a small bit of a crispiness to the edges, which worked nicely with the meaty interior.

Would I return? Yeah. The price is right for what you get. The dumplings are tasty and there's enough variety on the menu to eat happily. The hot and sour soup seemed above average.

Total damage: $9.50 per person. (There were six of us.)

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  1. Please click the folllowing link to see a more detail review of this restaurant. I would give this place a 0 star if I can.