Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chinese Dumpling House

Hot and sour soup

Some sort of choy

Fried green onion pancake
I think I remember it being very disgustingly oily. The one I had at the Metro Square location was better.

Pan-fried dumplings. Click on the picture to see if you can find a black hair on one of the dumplings.
I haven't had noticeable hair in my food for a looooooong time. I kind of like how they all stick together and have to be separated like perforated stamps. It's different than the pan-fried dumplings at the Chinese Dumpling House at Metro Square.

Beef noodles in soup.

Steamed dumplings.

Would I return? Honestly, this visit was from so long ago that I don't really remember how the food quality was (outside of the visible hair in my dumpling). I'd probably sooner go to the Metro Square location though.

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