Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Rockaberry Café (4275, rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, Québec)
11 a.m. - ?? daily.

I finally found some of my Montreal food pics from I don't know when.

Anyway, Saint Denis Street has got to be one of my favourite streets for food in Montreal. Admittedly, I'm not super familiar with all of Montreal, but walking along rue St-Denis makes me happy. It has all sorts of restaurants, less people than on St. Catherine, and less tourists to ask me where Super Sexe is.

Rockaberry specializes in pies. So we ordered pies.

Most notably to me were the cheese pies. I had never tried a cheese pie before this visit. They're sort of like softer, creamier, bloated cheesecake. I liked the texture and the taste of my Oreo cheese pie, and I also liked how it looked pouffy. I randomly have cravings for it, but I have not yet found a Toronto equivalent of this Montreal cafe to fulfill my cheese pie yearnings (not that I've been trying that much, but still).

Would I return? Yessssss.

Total damage: can't remember.

Cheers to Mia for showing me the way to cheese pies!

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