Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Popcorn shrimp ($9.99).
Jo was really craving something deep-fried. These breaded shrimp were super textured and crunchy. I really enjoyed the deep-friedness of it all, but Jo thought that it should've been more flaky. The red spicy Thai chilli sauce was some sort of sweet chilli. I preferred the white cilantro lime sauce.

Lemon pepper shrimp pasta ($9.99).
This was off their 15 minute express lunch menu, where they advertise that "lunch is ready in 15 minutes or it's free!". It was pretty good. I liked the cheese on top, and there was a good amount of plump shrimp. It was a perfect lunch-sized portion. 

Jo's beer-battered fish and chips weren't that great. The batter was crispy, but the fish was overcooked and dry. The fries were nicely seasoned, though. 

We split a pitcher of Canadian, and our server poured the first two glasses. She overfoamed Jo's cup, but apologized for it. I poured the next round and realized that the pitcher was a lot heavier than it looked.

Would I return? Yes, it's okay enough, but I need to remember that this was the place with the sobering cocktails. We were going to order fancy drinks until Jo reminded me of the cocktails that sobered us up from the beer buzz we had last time. And I'd stay away from the fish and chips.

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  1. it was super MEH for me. fish was fishy in a crappo unfresh way. shrimp was fine but not great. i ended up liking the sweet chili quite a bit just because it is spicy. beer was good, got me quite excited about the movie that followed.