Saturday, June 18, 2011


Here's something that seems impossible to find: good chocolate chip muffins. I've searched high and low for these mythical baked treasures, but  whose grandma do I have to rob to find me some proper hard-topped, legitimate chocolate chip muffins? The kind where it's shaped like a giant mushroom, and you can tap the top without it sinking in like a sponge. The reason muffin tops are so desirable is that they have a hard exterior, and a soft, moist interior. So why is it so hard to find one?

My cravings (like that of a pregnant lady's sometimes) led me to yearn for one of my favourite oven-made classics one day. So Lorne and I went searching. We searched two grocery stores and two malls. Nothing. Nothing but wannabe muffins with shiny, soft tops. You know what muffins without the crunchy tops are called? Unfrosted cupcakes! If I wanted cupcakes, I would buy cupcakes, but I want muffins! No place had real muffins, and the ones that did have promising looking muffins did not have chocolate chip. 

In the end, I caved and bought some Farmer's Market double chocolate "muffins" from Loblaws.

They tasted like chocolate cupcakes. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled about the soft top, but these would be great if I wanted something more cake-like.

I'd also like to note that I went to yet another mall since that did not have real muffins. I also tried Googling recipes for muffins with proper tops, but I had to filter through a lot of unwanted weight loss and "muffin top" pictures. 0_o

Total damage: approximately $4.50 for a pack of six. 

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