Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tsuki Izakaya


Tsuki don.
This was way huger than I expected. It's most likely meant to be shared, but I had it all to myself. I mean, I tried to eat it all myself. There's a good amount of sashimi and plenty of avacado in it. I appreciated the pink roe on top. My one gripe was that some of the sashimi pieces were rather tough to chew in an unpleasant way. I finished everything but the last bite because I was just too full. 

Would I return? Sure. I'm starting to find out what's worth ordering, and what isn't. The Tsuki don is good if you just want something to fill up on, as some of the other items can be rather cute in size. Service is good and polite. 

Total damage: $30 for my Tsuki don and half a pitcher of Sapporo. 

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