Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hong Kong Style Café

These Hong Kong style cafés usually have afternoon tea specials where cheap food combos come with a drink. Sometimes, there's a siu yeh menu too, where snack food is cheap after dinner time (maybe around 9 or 10 p.m.). This place does not have a siu yeh menu. 

Soup noodles and fried chicken wings.
The noodles were doughier than expected, and it tasted like comfort food.

Jess was expecting no more than three pieces of chicken, but this place showed her up when the plate arrived with four.
The chicken wings were crispy, but Jess and Jo said that it didn't look as good as the chicken wings from the mango dessert place at First Markham Place.

Jo's pineapple drink.
It tastes like canned pineapples (liquid included) with ice.

Would I return? Sure. This place has some pretty low prices for food that's filling. 

Total damage: approximately $6 for my food.

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