Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gate 403

(416) 588-2930

Two glasses from a pitcher of Blanche de Chambly.
It's a light white, with a wheaty, fruity taste. (L: Jo wanted zero foam, and my pouring delivered.)

These were surprisingly good. There were lots of peppers, and I liked that there were hot peppers. The homemade salsa was also pleasantly fresh tasting though a bit hard to make stay on the nacho.

Strongbow dry cider.
If it didn't have a name like "Strongbow", I'd say it was a "girly" drink. It tastes like spiked apple juice. Since I like apple juice, I think this has become one of my new favourites. We were asked if we wanted ice in the glass, and though we agreed to it, I don't think we should've accepted that. The can was already cold, and ice just numbs the taste.

Would I return? Yes. It's a pretty cool joint with really friendly staff. There's a live jazz band that we all enjoyed. Props to the dude on guitar for those cool Spanish guitary type solos. Even without the band, the place was still lively. The nachos also went great with our beer. Of the things that made no sense to us on the menu was "authentic Chinese dumplings". I guess if it's on the menu, then someone must order them. 

Total damage: approximately $15 for my share of the pitcher (divided by 3), my share of the nachos (divided by 4), and my Strongbow.

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